Java Made Super Easy Tutorial


  •  What is a Programming Language?
  •  What is a program?
  •  What is a compiler?
  •  Java
  •  Let’s write something using Java

What is A programming language?

  •  Simply to say: It is used to write programs
  •  programs are written by programmers in a programming language
  •  For example, a programmer can use Java language to write a program

What is a program?

  •  Programs are collection of instructions that performs a specific task
  •  what kind of program?
    •  A web browser
    •  Video Games
    •  Microsoft Office

What is a compiler?

  •  To execute a program, these instructions need to be translated using a compiler.
  •  Why translating?
    •  Computer does not understand anything except o and 1
    •   Compiler translates the source code into machine code understandable by the processor


  •  Java is a popular programming language; used for
    • Android App
    • Web application
    • server apps for financial sectors


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