GRE: Importance of reading articles

Most students struggle in GRE reading sections. Trust me! They are really overwhelming. To do well in the reading sections, it is very important that you develop a reading habit. However, there is a difference between reading some regular newspapers and GRE-type articles. To read a GRE-type article, you have to read like an active reader. If you become an active reader, you will see that it will be much easier for you to understand the contents of a GRE reading passage. So, who is an active reader ? An active reader is someone who can mentally create a summary of a passage after reading just a few lines.


Remember that you don’t have to read the whole passage of a GRE reading section. If you are planning to read the whole passage, you are not going to answer all the questions! So, how to do well in GRE reading section? One important thing to realize is that you must gain the skill to understand the logical flow of a passage, without reading every line. Therefore, you have to become an active reader. To become an active reader, certain changes are required:

  1. Read few lines of a passage and then stop reading.
  2. Make a mental note about the passage and try to think what should happen next.
  3. Instead of making a mental note, you can also take some notes on a piece of paper.
  4. Try to find some structure words. They show you the logical connection between sentences; for example, however, because, indeed, therefore and thus are some structure words.

The following article was recommended by GRE test takers.

First, try to read few lines and see if you can take some mental notes to do a summary of the whole passage. However, to become an active reader, you have to spend a significant amount of time.  Goodluck with your reading!

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