Beautiful Scenic Attraction in NYC (Wave Hill Garden)

The last couple of weeks of summer left. I am sure you have visited some pretty cool places so far. But, hey, we still have time to visit some beautiful places in New York!   If you are planning to travel NYC and wondering where to go to avoid the crowded city, then you came to the right place. No wonder, Central Park is a beautiful place. But, the park is usually packed with people in the summer and you may have visited it several times. So where to go to see a new place in New York?  The answer is Wave Hill.

How to go there?

Wave Hill is situated in the Bronx. The address is 649 W 249th St, Bronx, NY 10471. There are several ways to go there. For accurate directions, you can visit the following link ( The park has different opening hours. You can check the following link for an accurate timing (


For an adult, it will cost $8 to visit the park, for a student, it will cost $4 and for 6+ children, it will cost $2. But, hey, there is a way to visit the park for free! Let me tell you the secret: If you visit the park on Tuesday and Saturday before noon, your entry is free! 

What to see? 

First of all, the scenic views of the park are mesmerizing. The following picture is my favorite spot. You can have a great view of the Hudson river, the New Jersey Palisades on the other side and also the park itself.


This scenic view was taken from the park.


A closer look at my standing point from where I took the first picture. I can say that this is one of the best views that I have ever seen in the park!


If you keep walking in the garden, you will see many beautiful places with a lot of trees and flowers. There are some featured gardens inside; for example, Aquatic & Monocot Garden, Bee Hives, and Wild Garden. There are also many activities happening in the garden. In August 2016, there were events like Gallery Tour, Wave Hill History Walk, Family Art Project. There are fun activities for kids as well. For a full list of activities, you can visit the following link ( There is also a shop from where you can buy a souvenir for your collection.


You can see some awesome drawings by some kids in the Garden.


Definitely, you will enjoy your stay in the park. So, don’t be late! Visit the park before the summer ends. For more information about the park, please visit the official site (


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