Astonishing Pink Color Lake

In the day time, when we look at the sky we can see the sky as blue color. The color of ocean is also blue. But have you ever seen a blue colored lake? If not, then watch it below.

The name of the pink colored lake is Lake Hillier which is situated on Middle Island (the largest of the Recherche Archipelago), located near the southern coast of Western Australia.

Lake Hillier

Lake Hillier

The lake is surrounded by woodland and sand and it is about 600 meters long. Some people say that it looks like a giant chewing gum from the airplane.

The most interesting fact is that some scientists speculate that the color comes from a dye created by bacteria that lives in the salt crusts. But nothing is proved yet. Whatever the reason is, the water does not appear to cause any danger to humans. Swimming or visiting near of it is not allowed because the island is used only for research purposes and tourists can watch it only from helicopter rides.

The Hillier Lake was discovered in 1802 by the cartographer Matthew Flinders who took samples from the lake and mentioned its existence in his journal. Since 2012 it becomes the part of the protected area known as the Recherche Archipelago Nature Reserve.

If you are in or visit in Australia, then visit this lake at least for once.

Lake Hillier-2



Report: Zayid Siddique

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