GRE Reading Comprehension Tips #1

I am assuming that you are practicing reading comprehension questions from a GRE book. Obviously, you are improving your skills and becoming acquainted with GRE. If you are practicing from a book, you are seeing the whole passage in one place which allows you to navigate easily. However, remember the fact that on a actual day of exam you have to read on a screen. You may think that the transition( books to screen) is not a big deal. But, reading on a split screen with questions in one side and reading passages on the other side is very different. Moreover, you have to scroll down to see the whole passage, right? Without practicing in a similar setting, it will be difficult for you to answer the questions. Even if you can answer the questions on a split screen, it will require you to spend some valuable extra minutes. A few minutes can make a huge difference in the GRE exam!

To make yourself familiar with a ‘GRE environment’, start practicing questions from online resources or use a pdf book. I know we all love to read from a physical book, but to do well in the exam, you have to get out of your comfort zone. Happy Reading!

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