Who is called human? You may begin to look up the definition of human. Speaking to say truly, this man can be the answer of the question. His name is Mainuddin Mithu. ( www.facebook.com/mithu.hitbuddy )



This young man posted a status with some photos in Desperately Seeking- Dhaka (DSD) page of Facebook. In his post, he shared how he helped a 75 age old man. Some people may add some negative aspects on his good deed, but everyone should mind it that one good deed will lead to thousands more of blessings.

Here is the post of this good man.

Assalamu Alaikum..
So today when I was standing in front of my home in the afternoon, suddenly a rickshaw puller came to me and was asking if I could help him? When I asked him what his problem was even being a rickshaw puller he shouldn’t be begging he said he was suffering from kidney disease and for which he cannot urinate properly unless he takes medicine and also suffers severe pain in his lower abdomen. He is 75 years old. He wasn’t being able to pull rickshaw anymore and the kidneys medicines are quite expensive thus he couldn’t have medications for last 2 days and that, the doctor strictly ordered him not to pull rickshaw and rather do something easier than that for living, however he didn’t have any experience on any other field or other skills or any scopes to do anything else. Having no children made his work even more difficult rather than to simplify as he had no one as a helping hand. So I bought him his medicines for 15 days. Upon receiving the meds he gave me a hug with a big lively smile. And then told me that if someone would buy him a tea flask then he would quit this tough job and hence sell tea sitting at the road side and make some living and that he doesn’t want to end up begging.
Listening to his story i was quite touched and how he didn’t want to beg I felt he’s one type that should be and needs to be helped!
Thus I bought him the required medicines that he was in need of and I also got a tea flask including everything he needed to start the tea business and even gave him sufficient cash as capital.
Okay so why am I sharing this with all of you? To show how good or great I am? No. What I wanna say is, to do good we actually don’t need to do a lot! A small gesture of ours can make someone’s life better. What do you think how much money it was needed for the medicines, flask and others? Not much. So can’t we help whenever we face someone like these people? Shouldn’t we come first when it comes to help? I believe we absolutely should. Because we are capable of helping them.
What I wanna say is, please. whenever it is possible, “‘HELP'” and also encourage others to do the same! all it takes is a little bit of humanity and a small amount of extreme will to do so.
Thanks for reading.
Jazakallah Khair.. 


Report: 8 September, 2016.

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