President Obama’s New House

After eight successful years, president Obama is going to leave the white house at the end of this year. So, where he and his family are moving? According to several sources, president Obama is moving to a new place in Washington DC. Though it will not be his permanent house; Obama is leasing the place until his younger daughter Sasha finishes high school. The home was listed for $5.3 million.

Here is his new house. It’s not like white house, but the house is impressive enough!

The Obamas are trading white for brick at their newly leased mansion in the Kalorama section of DC.

The outside look of the house. looking decent, right?

The living room is stately.

The living room is gorgeous!

There are ample seating areas throughout the space.

Plenty of space inside!

The real family room is downstairs, though.

This room is my fav!

Source- Business Insider
Original article- Obama’s New House

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