How to play YouTube music on the background of your phone

buy-youtube-likesIt’s annoying! I can’t play YouTube as a background music on my phone. Well, some of the smartphones has features that will allow you to do that. But, for many smartphone users, playing music from YouTube and texting or facebooking is not possible. So, if I want to listen music from YouTube and do something else on my phone, what are my options? There is actually a simple solution to this problem. Follow the simple steps-

  • Go to Google Play store
  • Download Firefox browser
  • Open Firefox and open YouTube
  • Play the music
  • Hit the home button
  • yes!! the music is still on 🙂

Watch the video to see how it works!


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2 Responses

  1. How can i hit the home button??Can you please explain??

    • nebulaapps says:

      Hi there, after starting any YouTube video from Firefox app, just press the home button, the music will be playing automatically.

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