New Features are coming on WhatsApp!

WhatsApp, one of the most popular messenger apps, is now testing two new features in a beta version; a test version of the software is released to make sure it works perfectly fine in real time. If everything goes fine, then the new version will be available soon! So, what are the new features?

Have you ever wanted to delete a text after sending it to your friend? We can type really fast on our smartphone, don’t we? And, because of that, we sometimes make mistakes. After sending the text, we feel worried and really really want to delete the text. Well, now you can do so! Yes, this WhatsApp’s feature will allow you to delete or modify the text that you have mistakenly sent to your friends! Obviously, you can do so, if your friend hasn’t read the text yet.

Another feature is location tracking. You will be able to track the location of your friends or share your location with them. However, you will be required permission in order share someone’s location.

Bear in mind that both of the features are in beta version so they may not be available soon if there are bugs in the version.

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8 Responses

  1. These two features are most wanted from the users side. Thank you for sharing this information with all people.

  2. Paul Heyman says:

    Can I use this feature right now or we have to wait for the next update to get this?

  3. Thanks for sharing the WhatsApp update and keep on update. We all waiting to use this feature.

  4. John Michael says:

    The most awaited features. Thanks for the update. Can I Download the beta version now?

  5. Now the whats app have updated with new features of live status. I think location sharing is not available now. We are waiting for that features.

  6. Great Post! Thanks for sharing! Useful information for Whatsapp users.

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