GRE High-Frequency Vocabularies- An easy way to remember the meaning!

So, you have decided to take the GRE test. And, you may know that you must learn a wide range of vocabulary in order to pass the test.

Learning vocabulary is a slow process.  Therefore, you must start learning GRE words at least three months before the test. Experts recommend learning 3500 words for the test. However, it is often difficult to remember so many words. Let’s say, you start learning 10 words per day. After a month, you will find it difficult to remember the words that you have learned on the first day! However,  if you are confident on your English reading skill, you may focus on learning fewer words. A good way to start learning is to check the high-frequency GRE words.

It is important to realize that if you try to cram to words, you may not able to learn so many words. The best approach to remembering words is to relate a word to a story. For example, I can tell you the meaning of benign. The meaning is gentle or kind.  You may able to remember the meaning for a month. But, usually, we do not see this word in everyday reading. So, there is a possibility that you will forget the meaning of this word. Now, if I tell you a story, won’t you able to remember it for a long time? Let’s break down the word. Be and Nigh. Now let’s do a little modification. Be and Nice. So, we have be nice. Let’s say there is a kid who always shows an attitude. You told him to be nice. That means please be gentle and kind to others. Remembering this short story, you can easily figure out the meaning of Benign.

The following high-frequency word list includes 100 words! And, every word has a small story associated with it. These videos are extremely helpful to remember the meaning of GRE words.

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