Earth Science Reference Table (ESRT) Review for the Regents (Survival Guide)

Earth Science Regents heavily focuses on the Earth Science Reference Table ( ESRT). At least 40% ( you may get 60% if you are lucky!) of Regents questions are from the ESRT. It is extremely important for the students to read and understand the ESRT as they will receive a copy of it in the Regents.

In this series of videos, the ESRT is explained in details with some relevant Regents questions.

By watching this videos, students will be able to deepen their understanding of the ESRT.  Each video is focused on one particular section of the ESRT. The video will not help you to only do well in ESRT-based questions, but also enhance your understanding of Earth Science. For example, you may need to have a good understanding of density, which is a very common topic of Earth Science. You can watch video # 03 to gain knowledge of density, density equations, and Regents questions. So far, there are five videos uploaded in YouTube. There will be more videos in the upcoming months. If you watch all these videos and understand their contents, it can be said that you will easily pass the Earth Science Regents. So, keep watching the videos and rock in the exam 🙂

01: Properties of Water 

02: Specific Heat 

03: Common Equations/Formulas 

04: Radioactivity

05: Composition of Earth’s Crust


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