The Largest 262 Inch 4K TV By C Seed | 2017

C Seed, an Austrian-based electronics brand, is developing the world’s largest 4K TV. The TV is going to be released in this summer, according to several sources. C Seed has earned a worldwide reputation and a 2012  red dot design award. It recently teamed up with L-acoustics and created an astounding sound system, C Seed 125, costs $54, 000.

So, what’s so special about this TV?

First of all, the size. It’s just massive. If you already have a 100 inch TV, you will find it a baby in front of the massive C Seed 262, which houses a whopping 262 inch (diagonal) monitor and weighs 1,763 pounds! It has a width of 20.16 ft (6.14) m, and height of 8.44 ft (2.57 m). The TV also comes with a motorized custom fabric cover that can fold away at the push of a button.

6144 mm by 2574 mm 4K LED TV display with black LED technology for higher contrast and ultra-high-definition technology is beyond any other TV available in the market. It also boasts a ultra-high 800 NITS brightness that allows a perfect viewing experience in a broad day light. And, the six integrated high-end speakers for high quality sound in a 7.1. or 9.1 cinema surround configuration is just mind-blowing.

Credit: C Seed

So, how much it gonna cost you? Well, do not freak out.

The TV alone will cost $539,000!  But, if you want a “project management package” for it that will cost you another $38,000. Vlad Savov noted, “This TV costs more than a New York apartment, which is apt because it’s bigger than a New York apartment.”

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