The Innovative L16 Camera With 16 Camera Modules

A decent DSLR camera is huge; though it takes breathtaking photos, it’s not very convenient to carry a large camera all the time. Light, an innovative company, has introduced L16 camera. The technology to capture a photo is slightly different in an L16 camera.

L16 offers 16 camera modules
Credit: Light

As mentioned at Light’s website,

“Traditional DSLR cameras create photos by detecting light passed through a single large aperture and bulky lens barrel. The L16 is different. The L16 captures light through many small apertures and uses folded optics technology to bounce light off angled periscopic reflex mirrors and through slim, horizontally positioned lens barrels before reaching an optical sensor. The result is a camera capable of taking DSLR quality photos that can fit in the palm of your hand.”

It has 16 camera modules (16 individual 13 MP sensors) on its front surface, and its dimension is only 6.5 inches.  After capturing images through these lenses, the camera combines all of them into a single photo. The produced single image is an astounding 52+ megapixel photo!

To know more about L16’s technical details, the following link is useful:

Let’s look at some of the latest images captured by the L16 camera.

Grand Canyon, image is processed by the Light’s Lumen app; Photo Credit: Light (

If you crop this image, you can still see the blue boats and people surrounding them!

cropped image

Lady at the beach; Photo Credit:

Rock star at Cuba; Photo Credit: Light

Currently, L16  camera is out of stock!

However, Light mentioned on its website “We’re currently building cameras and shipping them to our pre-order customers. Join our email list to get notified when we begin taking new orders in late 2017.” You can join their mailing list to get the stock update.

Would you prefer a compact L16, costs $1699, camera over a DSLR? 

Light L16 Camera

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