Latest Android OS| Oreo 8.0

Google has just announced its latest version of the mobile operating system, Android 8.0 Oreo!

Oreo comes with loads of new features, which make it more powerful than ever. Let’s look at some of the brilliant features it houses.Here is the teaser!

Speed- Android claims that the Oreo is 2x faster when powering up (measured on Google Pixel).

Background Activity– You have probably been annoyed by the background activities, which slow down the phone and constantly consume battery life. Well, this time Oreo is to the rescue! It minimizes background activity by checking the apps that you use the least.

Picture-in-Picture– What is it? Well, according to Android, “this system allows you to see two apps at once.” It’s like having more control and doing more tasks at once!

Autofill– You may have used autofill features on a pc but on a mobile device the autofill feature is still bit messy. Now, with Oreo’s autofill feature, you can easily access to your important documents or bank accounts in a second!

Autofill options Credit:

Notification Dot– Some notifications are annoying. Well, now you can easily swipe them away with a fingertip.

Notification Dot Credit:

Android Instant App–  It allows Android users to run an app instantly, without even installing the app. All you need to do is just a tap!

Google Play Protect– Google has claimed that it’s going to scan over 50 billion apps every day to identify apps that are misbehaving and slowing you down, ensuring a safe space in the app market.

Emoji– Who doesn’t emoji :)? Google has completely redesigned emojis, introduced 60 new emojis!

New Emoji Set Credit:

There are lots of other features available on the Oreo. Here is the complete list of features that it offers.

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