How much does it cost to charge iphones or Android Phones?

Have you ever tried to find out how it costs to charge your precious iPhone or Android phone? Imagine that you are a heavy user, charging your phone at least twice a day! How much you are paying each year then? Is it a lot? Don’t worry! it’s really not a lot.

But, let’s see how much it costs and how the cost is calculated.

The calculation may seem little boring, but I did it in a step-by-step process so that you can easily follow.
First of all, you need to know few things:
1. Voltage (V) rating of your phone’s battery
2. milliamp hour (a measurement of how much electric current a battery can deliver over time) (mAh) of your battery
3. Kilowatt hour (a measure of electrical energy) (kWh) cost in your state
If you look at the spec of your phone, you will easily able to find the mAh of your battery. My phone is a Samsung S7 edge, and I found that the voltage rating is 4.4 V (approx) and the battery size is 3600 mAh. I live in New York so I have found that per kWh cost is roughly 20.2 cents, whereas the national average cost is only 0.12 cents, not fair for New Yorkers!
Anyway, once we have all three values, we can calculate the yearly cost! The equation to find out the Watt hours = (milliamp hour * Voltage rating)/1000; ( 1 Kwh = 1000 watt hour) using the equation, Watt hours of a Samsung S7 edge = (3600 * 4.4)/1000 = 15.84 Watt hours. That means to charge my phone once a day, I will have to spend 15.84 Watt hours. In a year, I will be needing to spend 15.84*365 =  5781.9 Watt hours. Since 1 Kwh = 100 watt hours, converting Watt hour to Kwh will give us, 5781.9/1000 = 5.7 Kwh
Now, remember that 1Kwh cost in NY is =  20. 2 cents

So, if I am spending 5.7 Kwh for my phone, I will have to pay = 20.2 * 5.7 = 116.8 cents = $1.17 per year! 

I hope that now you can easily find out how much you are paying to charge your phone every year.

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