Samsung Galaxy Note 9 May Come With a Flexible Display!

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 was released just a few days ago. However, Samsung has already announced that the next Note phone would most probably come with a flexible display, according to a news published by Bloomberg.

Many of you may have remembered that Samsung first displayed a prototype flexible phone, called Youm, at CES 2013. But, for the last few years, there wasn’t any real hope that Samsung is going to release a flexible phone. Recently, Samsung has again started showing signs about the possibility of a flexible phone.

Flexible Phone
Credit: TechRadar


Koh Dong-jin who is the president of mobile business at Samsung said that his company is working diligently to release a bendable Galaxy Note with an AI-enabled speaker system next year. To build the speaker system, Samsung is working with Harman, which was acquired by Samsung last year. Harman works to improve the ‘connected car concept’, where multimedia, navigation, safety, and security systems are integrated.

However, the bendable phone is still far from reality as Koh also mentioned that there are some issues that are needed to resolve in order to release it. He did not specifically mention what are these ‘issues’. Let’s see if Samsung can come with a solution soon! Till then, we will just have wait for another few months (hopefully).


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