Marea- The Incredible 160 Terabits Per Second Submarine Cable!

Subsea cable called Marea, a joint project by Facebook, Microsoft, and Telxius, is now ready to provide high-speed data service between the US and Europe. Marea is capable of transmitting data at 160 terabits per second; with this incredible speed, you can run 71 million HD videos simultaneously.

Spanning from Virginia Beach, Virginia to Bilbao, Spain, Marea is 4000 miles long and lies more than 17,000 feet below the Atlantic. Starting in August 2016, the project, Marea, was completed most recently.  Though to see Marea in action, everyone needs to wait till early 2018.

Virginia Beach, VA to Bilbao, Spain

This type of undersea highspeed connection projects is becoming more common as giant tech companies such as Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and Facebook are working diligently to improve their cloud and internet services. Najam Ahmad, vice president of network engineering for Facebook said, “More broadly, robust connectivity can help a wide variety of people build relationships and collaborate between countries and across cultures.”

Photo Credit: Run Studios

Marea is expected to play a very important role as it is expected that the number of mobile users will continue to grow, requiring a huge data exchange among servers. To ease the cross-border data exchange process, Marea will be a blessing for tech companies.


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