MathTrix by NebulaApps

A new math app, MathTrix, developed by NebulaApps, was launched today at Google Play store.

Download link of MathTrix:

MathTrix is one of the most useful arithmetic apps in the sense that it improves your numerical skills and brain functions. Because of today’s technological dependency, our thinking capability has vastly decreased. Even for a simple mathematical/arithmetic problem, we search for the calculator app installed on our smartphone. The following video will show you some exciting features of the app!

 In an effort to reduce this ‘calculator dependency’, MathTrix has come to the rescue! The app is extremely helpful to develop mental calculation, which is an essential skill in any test exam like PSAT, GRE, GMAT, where you are not allowed to use a calculator.


MathTrix shows different options to choose from 🙂

To engage our brain and to enlighten our thinking, MathTrix is tremendously helpful. It will allow you to solve various math problems from basic to advanced level using various tips provided.  The app will let you think mentally to solve a problem rather than using a calculator. The more questions you solve, the more efficient you will become over the time!

So, why you are waiting for? Download the app today and improve your math skill faster than ever!

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